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Indiana College Dollars

Date Posted Organization Requirements Potential Recipients Deadline
8/4/17 INvestED Do you live in Indiana? Are you thinking of going to college in the near future? Are you at least 16 years old? If so, this is a chance for a $1,000 scholarship, no essay required.

11/9/17 UPS Earn & Learn Program Earn & Learn Program
Approved post-secondary institutions:
  • Up to $5,250 annually for tuition/books
  • Reimbursed to the student upon completion of classes
Program requirements
  • Must be actively employed by the UPS Air or Ground Operation in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Student may start at UPS anytime during the school term and must be on payroll at the end of the student agreement period/time of reimbursement:
  • Student must submit required documents
  • Reimbursement amount based on percent of eligible days worked during term at approved institutions
Degrees/certificates awarded from specific institute of study
  • May study any degree program offered at approved institutions
Graduate Debt Free! Apply at UPSJOBS.COM

2. Enter location LOUISVILLE,KY and click SEARCH
4. Click APPLY NOW
5. Scroll to bottom NEW TO UPSJOBS.COM? Click CREATE A PROFILE NOW complete profile information then click SAVE PROFILE
6. Answer qualification questions and shift availability then click CONTINUE
8. Schedule your INTERVIEW ONLINE
9. Questions, call the JOBLINE 502-359-1877
Must be actively employed by the UPS Air or Ground Operation in Louisville, Kentucky Ongoing
9/20/2018 Next Level Jobs Workforce Ready Grant The Next Level Jobs Workforce Ready Grant provides free job training for Hoosiers in high-demand sectors from Ivy Tech Community College or Vincennes University. Sectors include: Advanced Manufacturing, Building & Construction, Health & Life Science, IT & Business Services and Transportation & Logistics.

The Indiana General Assembly created Next Level Jobs for working-age Hoosiers in 2017, and expanded the program in 2018 to include all high school graduates. This is a great opportunity for all students, especially those who may not qualify for other forms of financial aid.

Next Level Jobs provides free job training for Hoosiers who:

1) Are an Indiana resident AND a U.S. citizen
2) Have a high school diploma (or equivalent) but less than a college degree
3) Enroll in a qualifying certificateprogram in a high-demand job sector

For more information, please visit:
All high school graduates
 12/18/19 Marine Corp


We’re committed to supporting Marine children in pursuit of their educational goals and there’s no more versatile educational path than through Career and Technical Education (CTE). From health sciences to finance, IT to manufacturing, CTE professionals are on the cutting edge of today’s most hands-on careers.

This scholarship is for students planning to attend a non-degree certificate program or vocational training that is 12 months or less at a community college or private career school listed on College Navigator.

2/12/2020  UMPS CARE Charities All-Star College Scholarship 

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

-Applicants must have been adopted at or after the age of thirteen (13).

-Demonstrate financial need through the FAFSA Application.

-Applicants must be incoming college freshmen under the age of twenty (20)

Application Requirements:

-A completed application that includes four short answer/essays written by the student.

-Three letters of recommendation. Letters should reflect the writer’s knowledge of the student’s achievements, improvements, and personal needs.

  • Teacher/ Administrator: One letter should represent a teacher or administrator who is familiar with the student’s work and accomplishments.
  • Personal Reference: The second letter should come from a significant person in the child’s life (i.e. social worker, coach, mentor, etc.).
  • Parent: The parent letter should highlight the growth the student has shown since adoption.

-The student’s most recent high school transcript and a copy of first semester’s grades. The student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

-A copy of your Student Aid Report (FAFSA). Visit the web for complete FAFSA details including deadlines at

Requirements to Maintain Scholarship:

If you are selected as the scholarship recipient, you may be awarded a $5,000 grant every semester (for a 4 year institution) if you meet the maintenance standards. Our standards align with Federal Grant standards.

-Minimum 2.5 GPA during school – if your GPA falls below 2.5 your scholarship will be considered ‘under review’ by the scholarship committee and additional actions will be required

-At the end of every semester you will submit your grades and proof of registration for the next semester

You will maintain an ethical code of conduct personally, academically and professionally

-You will maintain communication with UMPS CARE staff and/or your mentor throughout each semester

Please visit: to apply.

Seniors  5/15/2020 
4/16/2020  2020 Women & Hi Tech Grant and Scholarship Opportunities ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:
• Applicants must be living in the state of Indiana and be either:
o A high school senior during academic year 2019-2020 planning to attend an approved educational program beyond high school (full-time or part-time) in the state of Indiana in academic year 2020-2021; or
o A high school graduate or undergraduate or graduate college student planning to attend an approved educational program beyond high school (full-time or part-time) in the state of Indiana in academic year 2020-2021.

• Examples of approved educational programs beyond high school include community colleges,
vocational schools, trade schools, and coding schools. Such programs typically result in an associate degree, diploma, or certificate. To verify that a program is approved before applying, please email and provide the program and institution names.
o For those pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited 4-year college or university, please use the application for Undergraduate and Graduate Student Scholarships.

• Applicants must be committed to living and working in Indiana for at least a year after graduation or leaving your studies. An affirmation of intent is required during the application process.
• Non-U.S. citizens are eligible if they fit into one of these categories, which allows them to live and work in Indiana:
o They have a non-immigrant VISA also known as a “temporary worker” classification;
o They have a permanent resident card also known as a “Green Card”;
o They have an Employment Authorization Document also known as a “work permit”; or
o They plan on applying for Optional Practical Training “OPT” upon graduation.
• Applicants should identify as female or with the pronouns: She/Her/Hers.
• Winners must be able to attend the Women & Hi Tech Leading Light Awards and Scholarship Gala on Thursday, October 1st, 2020, at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in downtown Indianapolis.
• Scholarship applicants are NOT required to be a member of Women & Hi Tech, nor is their institution or educational program required to be a sponsor.
• Members of the Women & Hi Tech Board of Directors, the scholarship committee, and/or the selection committee, and relatives of these persons, are disqualified from receiving scholarships.
• If the scholarship(s) is funded by one major contributor, that contributor, and relatives of that contributor, are disqualified from receiving scholarships.

Please visit the following to apply:
Seniors or HS graduates  7/1/2020 
 5/6/2020 Martinsburg Lion's Club Scholarship 20170315133438751.pdf 

Completed applications should be emailed to Mrs. Walton at:
Seniors  5/22/2020 
5/6/2020  Pekin/Eastern Alumni Association  Pekin Eastern Alumni Association Scholarship 2016 (1).doc 

Completed applications should be emailed to Mrs. Walton at:
Seniors  5/22/2020 

*Stop in the Guidance Office for more info

Dollars for Scholars:
All must read: Click the link below to complete the Dollars for Scholars profile/application. Profiles can be completed during grades 9-12 and post-secondary. Information must be up-to-date during your graduating year/year of submission to be considered/eligible for scholarships. If eligibility requirements are met, you will have the opportunity to submit your profile to the East Washington Dollars for Scholars. High School GPA: 3.0 (non-weighted). College GPA: 2.75. The application will become available February 3. Due date is April 1. Your profile must be complete before you can submit the Dollars for Scholars application. Submitting the application is separate from the profile. Multiple national/matching scholarship opportunities are also available, including FastWeb, that may require you to complete the financial section. Due dates vary for national scholarships. HS students must read: HS students will have a transcript uploaded from Guidance once the request is submitted. HS students will also have a recommendation uploaded from a HS faculty member once the request is submitted. Guidance will not be able to complete recommendation forms. College students must read: College students must update profile to reflect college level, grades, and activities (high school grades and activities will not be evaluated).College students must upload an updated college transcript. Recommendation forms must be from a university professor/counselor and requested through the profile. Letters of Recommendation will not be accepted.


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21st Century ScholarTrack:
The Scholar Success Program includes activities that will help you stay on track for college and career success. Each grade level has three activities to complete. Scholars can complete the specific steps for their grade level and track their progress using ScholarTrack. Here, you can see all 12 requirements Scholars must complete during high school to receive their 21st Century Scholarship.
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