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Request your official Eastern High School transcript through Parchment. Students, high schools, colleges, and state agencies all rely on Parchment's trackable, privacy-protected, dependable delivery of student transcripts and student recommendations.

Parchment also allows you to search for colleges, get discovered by universities looking for students like you, provides personalized college match results, and offers the opportunity for discussions with other students.

Want to see a copy of your current transcript? Request a copy to your Parchment account (unofficial self view). You must request a new transcript each semester in order to have the most updated copy to view.

The current funding model Indiana Commission for Higher Education and Parchment put in place greatly expanded the number of destinations that are available at no cost for currently enrolled students - in fact all electronic transcripts to EVERYWHERE are now covered under the terms of the new contract.

Alumni will be presented with a fee when placing a transcript order as this new license type covers currently enrolled students only, and a student is considered currently enrolled until August 1st of the year they graduate. The exception to this is self-view transcripts - neither current nor alums will have any fee for these.

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Please be sure final grades have been posted before you pay for transcripts. You will need to follow the directions on the Ivy Tech pdf and create a separate Parchment account using their link to order your Ivy Tech transcript.  You cannot add Ivy Tech as a sending school in your high school Parchment account.

Vincennes University transcripts:
Class of 2020 students should wait until after June 12th, 2020 to request final transcripts.
An official VU transcript can be obtained from the VU Registrar website by clicking here. Where it asks for a VU student ID number, you may use your social security number.

This is the option for the VU Registrar website. Request transcripts electronically through a national clearing house for a $5 fee by clicking on the "Order Here" option. Transcripts ordered via this method can be sent electronically (fully secured) in as little as 15 minutes. This option is best for expediting the process by sending transcripts electronically. If the student has a hold on their account for any reason, it will not accept the request and they will not be charged the $5 fee.  Once the student takes care of the hold, they can submit the request again.

IU ACP transcripts
Please be sure final grades have been posted before you pay for transcripts.

If you know your IU log information you can go to this site to order your transcript:

If you are unable to log into your IU account, then follow this link:

If you need more information, please visit this site:

If you need any additional help, please call the student central number 812-855-6500 and select the option for the registrar.